New project of Metaverse named Upland, is launching an unprecedented web3 experience in collaboration with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Despite the many stimulating advertisements in the field of metaverse, users and investors should have a complete consciousness of metaverse and how it can benefit them, so that they would not fall into the trap of some false advertisements. In the present chaos of the metaverse market, however Upland is a project which is looking to attract users in order to build real and long-lasting communities in web3.
Upland is one the largest virtual property strategy games which is depicted to the real world. Its members can socialize with each others and purchase or exchange their digital homes. Much like the real world, these properties will increase in value as users build and customize their liking structures.
Currently, Upland is constructing a realistic replica of the Lusail Stadium, complete with branded villages, showrooms and stores for fans to visit virtually in the metaverse. Uplanders will be able to buy, sell and trade FIFA-branded NFT collectibles like essentials, passes, spotlights and mementos. Newer players can purchase properties labeled FSA at a reduced price point. Moreover, participants can win unique prizes, including a metaverse replica of the official FIFA World Cup Stadium and other properties like the historic FIFA World Cup Village.

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