New law on reformatting AI is announced by China!

New law on reformatting AI is announced by China!


China has recently introduced a new law on reformatting generative AI which states any application of AI is illegal if it was trained with a dataset containing more than 5% of “illegal and harmful” content. In China, “harmful content” encompasses information restricted by the Great Firewall of China. The government will apply strict penalties for violations. In fact, developers of AI models function as the architects of a digital metamorphosis. Up to next year, this sweeping transformation encompassing historical, current, and predictive information, along with journalism and literature, will be happened.

In August, China set comprehensive regulations and obliged AI service providers to supply transparent accountability, content moderation, data handling, and user protection.

In addition to, The Cyberspace Administration has released a list of 41 generative AI algorithms that must be licensed before widespread use, with all 79 Chinese generative AI large language models (LLMs) developed based on these algorithms.

(After this reformatting, there will be no Winnie the Pooh, or many others or anything else.)

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