From declining NFT Market Conditions to shutting down Tezos NFT Marketplace Versum

Versum, the NFT platform and metaverse built on the Tezos blockchain, is shutting down with a bittersweet farewell. The exact reasons for this closure were not disclosed in the announcement, but the team ensured users’ assets remain tradable in a decentralized manner. Here is the phased shut down plan provided by Versum:


  • On October 20, the ability to mint on ITEMs contract will be disabled.


  • Starting from November 1, creating new market listings will no longer be possible.


  • On November 14, the marketplace contract will be frozen, allowing only the cancellation of listings.


  • Finally, on December 1, the site will be taken offline, marking the end of Versum’s journey.


CryptoSlam data shows that Tezos currently ranks 13th in blockchain NFT sales volume. According to data shared by nft now, NFT sales have seen a significant decline, dropping 8.7% from $4.2 billion in September 2021 to $3.8 billion in October 2023. Furthermore, September 2023 recorded the lowest NFT sales since January 2021, with total sales of $294 million.

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