$DUP: A brand new crypto presale

$DUP: A brand new crypto presale


Doge Uprising is a brand new crypto presale set to make its mark in Q4. Its roadmap depicts a Web3 universe developed by an exclusive NFT collection and an interactive manga series. According to the upward market of cryptocurrencies this year, for example about for meme and pepe coin, now is the perfect time to announce a new crypto project.

Doge Mecha NFTs will soon become mintable directly on the Doge Uprising website using ETH. The project integrates into the blockchain framework and keeps Ethereum as its backbone. 60% of the token distribution will go towards the presale, 20% towards exchanges, 5% to development, and 10% to airdrops. The total supply of $DUP is 450M and a vesting schedule will make sure that token distribution is fair and transparent.

This is the first cryptocurrency to integrate manga, a Web3 universe, smart staking, and NFTs.


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