Collaboration of Gucci and Vans on Roblox!

Gucci and Vans team up to make an amazing virtual experience on Roblox. This is the first collaboration of two iconic fashion brands in such a large scale. As a scavenger hunt, players can move between Gucci Town and Vans World through shoe boxes to hunt for swatches. After collecting all the swatches, some special items like a shoe accessory or a skateboard backpack will be released that players can style their Roblox avatars by them for free. The initiative started last Thursday and runs through May 13.
Gucci Town was launched in May 2022 that features mini-games where players can earn GG Gems and a virtual store to purchase and try on clothing for their avatars. Likewise, the immersive skateboarding metaverse (Vans World) was launched in September 2021.

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