Candidates of the first-ever GAM3 Awards hosted by Polkastarter!

Polkastarter accompanied by Prominent Web3 leaders- including Polygon and Animoca Brands- are going to hold the first-ever voting to reward the best blockchain game on December 15. The candidates are listed an you can vote for your favorite web3 game via bellow link:

• Best Action Game – Big Time, Illuvium, MetalCore, Guild of Guardians and Superior

• Best Mobile Game – Guild of Guardians, Splinterlands, Blast Royale, Thetan Arena and Skyweaver

• Best Adventure Game – Big Time, Earth from Another Sun, My Pet Hooligan, The Sandbox Game and Aurory

• Best Shooter Game – MetalCore, EV.1O, Undead Blocks, Delysium and Earth from Another Sun

• Best Strategy Game – Gods Unchained, Cross the Ages, Skyweaver, Immortal Game and Cards of Ethernity

• Best Card Game – Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity Origins, Skyweaver and Cards of Ethernity

• Game of the Year – The Harvest, Superior, Big Time, Gods Unchained and Illuvium

• Best Multiplayer Game – Blancos Block Party, My Pet Hooligan, MetalCore, Big Time and EV.1O

• Best RPG – Sipher Odyssey, Aurory, Big Time, Illuvium and Phantom Galaxies

• Most Anticipated Game – Illuvium, Star Atlas, The Treeverse, Ember Sword and Shrapnel

• Best ESports Game – Planet Mojo, EV.1O, MetalCore, Gods Unchained and Spider Tanks

• Best Graphics – MetalCore, My Pet Hooligan, Big Time, Illuvium and Star Atlas

The categories can be omitted.


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