Can AI be really a Pandora’s box!?

The intellectual revolution marked by the triumph of ChatGPT is actually a triple revolution including technological, techno-humanitarian, and socio-political revolutions. So, it should be assessed in different points of view from the fields like philosophy, history, and innovation.
Nick Bostrom, Swedish philosopher at Oxford University, believes that AI will be more smarter than humans so that its development puts a lot of responsibility on humanity.
Neil Ferguson, Scottish historian at Harvard University, considers AI as aliens and believes that it would destroy human race from the Earth. He says: “We are already on our way to Raskolnikov’s nightmare at the end of “Crime and Punishment,” in which humanity collectively goes mad and slides into internecine slaughter.”
Steve Bkank, American entrepreneur and well-known as the “Godfather of Silicon Valley”, calls ChatGPT Pandora’s box which will cause a lot of other problems for humanity.


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