The 2500 Project

by Mohammad Miraki

curated by Black Blocs


The 2500 project takes an analytical, critical, surreal, and sometimes humorous look at human beings in the year 2500. The human way of life on the planet has led to the destruction of the environment. It has lost its natural resources, the type of social relations and human behavior has changed, and the transformations caused by technology have caused new events. Cars, robots, lifestyles, food and clothes, etc. have undergone fundamental changes. The form of the skull was chosen because of the future in which we all have a role, the human who is currently living on earth is also involved in this future.

Human and Fashion

Humanity has achieved a new look in clothing and makeup, which may be more of a form of self-harm, but it is creative in its own way.

Human and Coal

Coal, which was one of the important sources in energy production, has joined the memories and the reason is the destruction of resources, A glorious death!

Human and Love (1)

Love has lost its concept and with damages that human beings suffered from something like that, he shows himself as a lover of profession!

Human and Galaxy (1)

Loneliness has made every human being a planet of his personal unknowns, sometimes far away from the understanding of others!

Human and Coke

Unhealthy drinks like coke shorten the life of the body, although cold coke is delicious!

Human and Rules

Due to the fear of relationships, personal rules for not entering others have increased more and more, as if we are on the side of people with traffic signs!

Human and Gambling Illusion

Illusion is one of the characteristics of life in this era. Gambling is used to gain and sometimes to lose. Maybe it’s because of laziness and lack of motivation!

Human and Control

Controlling the mind, life and taste has always been important and reached its peak in this era. It is impossible to know how close or far the truth is from this thinking.

Human and Prophecy

Prophecy has regained its place due to the uncertainty of everything. Maybe the analytical mind and studies have lost their places!

Human and Magic

Man understands the concept of job in a different way and sees himself as a product of a job, a product that has a buyer and a kind of magic charm!

Human and Chess

Sometimes the game changes and even yesterday’s soldiers find the ability to fight the king; Brave soldiers who know how to play!

Human and Identity (1)

Identity has found new definitions and, in most cases, not many people are looking for their lost identity. They even scan the identity in another way!

Human and Water

The source of life has been water since the beginning. Now it is an illusion and fantasy that one day maybe it will go to the desert of soul and human soul and settle it!

Human and Forgotten Culture

Culture and customs have become memories; missing pieces that probably cannot be recovered!

Human and Freedom

The definition of freedom from the beginning of human civilizations has been freedom from all kinds of constraints, but now having a free mind has the same value as physical freedom!

Human and Nest

Man entered the habitat of animals as much as he could, destroyed their life and home. Now our ancestors have become their house!

Human and Galaxy (2)

Sometimes we get fed up with the pressures of our being and existence, and eventually our whole world explodes and is destroyed by this amount of pressure.

Human and Gravity

Life has become possible in other spheres, but still in some, the lack of gravity is unsolvable!

Human and Non-recyclable Materials

The problem of not recycling many things has not been solved yet, like a sinkhole, everything seems to dissolve and sink into us (humans)!

Human and Devil

Maybe the best definition of good or bad is the angel and the devil, but in this era, the inner devil and the appearance of an angel make things easier and we all know this process!